About me

I’m Francisco Ruiz, an IT ethical hacker and security researcher passionate for computers and specially for Information Security. I started playing with it at a very young age: I remember being on primary school by the age of 11 and already be playing with DOCSIS cablemodems. Yes, to be honest, maybe my work at that time wasn’t what nowadays is likely to be called “ethical hacking” :P, but it were my very first steps into an incredible world that now I’m proud to work on.  As the younger of three brothers, I used my spare time to tryout new things and investigate all kind of technologies together with my middle brother, Santiago, with whom we learned and impulsed each other in our information technology career.

Later on with Santiago, my brother, we started FySIT.com: a familiar company mainly focused on infrastructure administration and information security services. And keep on learning and developing new skills since our very beginning and hope to do so for the rest of our careers. IT is our passion ;).

For more information about me you can check my Linkedin profile. You can also check Santiago’s Linkedin.

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